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Former Raiders punter Marquette King lasts just four games in Denver; heads to IR with plans for release

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It didn’t take long for Marquette King to wear out his welcome in Denver. The attention seeking punter was cut by the Raiders this offseason and quickly signed on with the rival Broncos. It took four years for the Raiders to tire of his act. It took six months in Denver. Now four games into the 2018 season, he is headed to injured reserve with a thigh injury and the team plans to release him once he’s healthy, according to multiple reports.

Since the moment King was released, he began playing the parted of scorned lover, taking pot shots at the Raiders every chance he got. In his introductory conference call with Denver media, he said there was a revenge factor to signing with the Broncos, adding that they let him be himself. So much for that, eh?

A couple months later, he videoed himself ‘walking by’ a vacant Raiders headquarters (they were on offseason break) in Alameda doing the Broncos dance he had done in a game against the Broncos.

By training camp, Marquette was already disgruntled and clearly didn’t want to be in Denver anymore. He had a weird, tense interview for a radio station that was tossing softball questions at him, then tweeted vulgar things directed at a host for another show on that same station and a couple days later went after him, telling him to “keep my name out your mouth” and had to be physically restrained.

The Broncos will take on $1.5 million of King’s $2 million salary in dead money.

As fate would have it, King will be replaced by Colby Wadman, who was with the Raiders when they released King last March and for about a month was the only punter on the Raiders roster. That was until they drafted Johnny Townsend in the sixth round. Townsend hasn’t been all that good either. But at least he’s not a pain in the ass.

Punters, man.