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Raiders at Chargers recap, Final Score 26-10: Raiders offense utterly stagnant in loss to Chargers

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Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers received the ball first at home in this one so the Oakland Raiders began the game on defense. They gave up two big plays on the drive, a 17 yard pass to Keenan Allen and a 16 yard run by Melvin Gordon. After that the defense settled down though and eventually ended the Chargers drive with a Bruce Irvin sack on 3rd down. The sack forced a 49 yard field goal attempt for LA that they successfully made for a 3-0 lead.

The Chargers one upped Bruce Irvin’s sack with a 3rd down sack of their own but their’s forced a Raiders punt on Oakland’s first offensive drive of the game. Their offense again got a big completion to Keenan Allen on their drive but the Raiders defense came up with a big stop from Darryl Worley just outside of field goal range to force the Chargers punt.

After that it was the Raiders turn to get on the board. They started off their drive with first down completions to Amari Cooper, Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant followed by tough running from Marshawn Lynch down to inside the Chargers 5 yard line. They couldn’t get any closer from there though so they settled for a 23 yard kick from Matt McCain which tied the game at 3.

There wasn’t a single first down between the two teams over the next 4 drives in a row. Unfortunately it was the Chargers who finally broke the streak. Then after finally getting a 1st down, they went 44 yards on a catch and run TD to back up RB Austin Ekeler on the very next play. The big strike almost never happened with Philip Rivers almost fumbling the shot gun snap, but instead the play resulted in the Chargers retaking the lead 10-3.

The very first play of the Raiders drive was a big catch and run by Martavis Bryant, except he didn’t secure the ball tightly and it was easily stripped away while he was running for a turnover. The Raiders then gave up 11 yard reception to Keenan Allen and another big catch and run to a Chargers running back, this time a 34 yard play to Melvin Gordon who would have scored had he not tripped over himself at the Oakland 10. Gordon made up for falling on his own with a 9 yard run to the 1, followed by punching it in from there on 3rd down to make the score 17-3.

Oakland had 1:39 before the end of the half starting at their own 25 after a touchback on the ensuing kickoff. They managed to get close enough to try a 57 yard field goal attempt thanks to a couple of Seth Roberts completions and one to Jared Cook. Unfortunately the kick was no good after falling just short.

The Chargers had 6 seconds before halftime after that with getting the ball at their own 47. They completed one play for 10 yards before attempting a Hail Mary that was knocked down incomplete, however Bruce Irvin idiotically committed a roughing the passer penalty to give the Chargers a field goal attempt. Luckily the kick sailed left, but that doesn’t make the Irvin penalty any less stupid. He literally took two steps after the ball was gone before shoving Rivers to the ground.

Oakland got the ball first in the 2nd half but did nothing with it. Less than nothing in fact, they lost 7 yards before punting on 4th and 17. The Chargers started their first possession of the 2nd half at their own 26 after the punt. They quickly got into Raiders territory with passes to Keenan Allen and WR Mike Williams, along with a big 3rd and 11 conversion from TE Antonio Gates down to the OAK 21. The defense did come up with the stop after that to hold LA to a 30 yard field goal which made the score 20-3.

Derek Carr and the Raiders offense desperately needed to get things going on their next drive, and it looked like they did thanks to a huge 3rd down conversion of yards to Jalen Richard down to the LA 25. They then got a defensive Pass Interference penalty in the end zone shortly on their next 3rd down play. Inexplicably they passed on 1st and goal from the one though and Carr threw it directly to the Chargers LB Melvin Ingram for a gut wrenching interception in the end zone. It was yet another bizarre, trying to do way too much interception from Derek Carr.

The Chargers started at their own 3 after the interception but got out of the bad field position in just one play by going deep on 1st down for a 54 yard completion to Tyrell Williams. They then got another big completion a couple of plays later on a 2nd and 18 play to Mike Williams for 26 yards and a 12 yard completion to Keenan Allen on a 3rd and 11. Adding insult to injury, they got the touchdown on the next play to TE Virgil Green despite Arden Key playing the screen well and just missing tipping the ball away. Los Angeles missed the extra point though so the score was 26-3 after the TD pass.

Oakland showed they weren’t giving up down 23 with just over 9 minutes left in the 4th by completing a 47 yard pass to Martavis Bryant and converting on a 4th and 4 with a pass to Seth Roberts. They then got their touchdown a few plays later on a one yard pass to Jordy Nelson, a play that never should have counted because about half of the Raiders team wasn’t set before the snap. No flag was thrown so the touchdown made the score 26-10, but the drive took 4:31 to score on because the Raiders showed absolutely no urgency on the drive despite having been down 3 scores.

Los Angeles then recovered the onside kick attempt with 5:10 left in the 4th quarter. They converted a huge 3rd and 6 to keep the clock rolling with the 16 point lead. They then had another 3rd and 6 later in the drive and converted that one too. That one allowed the Chargers to kneel out the rest of the clock, Raiders lose 26-10.