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Raiders now tied for worst record in the NFL but it may not be all bad news

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And, no, I am not talking about having a higher draft position.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Raiders got their first win of the season in an overtime thriller against the Cleveland Browns. That may not have been a sentence you expected to read this season, but here we are. That win lifted them from the group of winless teams of which there were only two along with the Cardinals.

This week the Raiders lost to the Chargers, while the Cardinals lifted themselves from the land of the winless by beating the crippled 49ers.

That leaves no team in the NFL without a win this season and once again ties the Raiders for the NFL’s worst record at 1-4.

Currently there are six one-win teams in the NFL — the Colts, Giants, Falcons, Cardinals, 49ers, and Raiders.

The good news for the Raiders is three of the other five one-win teams are coming up soon on the Raiders’ schedule and the combined record of the teams they face the next five games is 8-17.

Next week they face the 2-3 Seahawks in London, then after the bye week it’s the Colts and 49ers back-to-back on a short week, the Chargers again, and then the Cardinals. That gives the Raiders a chance to claw their way out of the cellar.

Though if they hope to save anything more than pride, they would need to win all the games against one-win teams and take at least one from either the Seahawks or Chargers to reach 5-5 after ten games. Just beating the fellow one-win teams would mean going 3-2 over that stretch and give them a 4-6 record heading into a brutal home stretch.

The final six games of the Raiders season current feature teams that boast a combined record of 19-8-1. There is only one losing team in the bunch and it’s the 2-3 Broncos who already beat the Raiders once this season.

That loss to the Chargers was devastating. Beating the one-win teams would be a good start to salvaging something of this season. Even if things look bleak over the course of the entire season.