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Raiders week 6 NFL power rankings roundup: Crash into the cellar

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Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Last week the Raiders got their first win of the season. But it didn’t do much for their place in the power rankings. After starting the season 0-3, people needed to see more than an overtime win at home over the Browns to be convinced the Raiders had turned it around. And their 26-10 thud against the Chargers proved them right for being cautious about their rankings as the Raiders drop to 1-4 on the season. Here are how several outlets ranked them and what they had to say.

SB Nation

Ranking: 31

Last week: 30


Ranking: 30

Last week: 28

It’s a funny footnote that the Raiders passed at the 1-yard line with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. But the focus should be on Derek Carr throwing an interception that you don’t see undrafted rookies make in the fourth preseason game. Carr is a solid quarterback, but plays like that don’t help the argument.

The Washington Post

Ranking: 29

Last Week: 24

This is simply not going well for Jon Gruden.

Ranking: 30

Last week: 31

The Raiders got more 32nd place votes than any other team in our poll, but a couple of believers kept them from hitting the bottom.

Bleacher Report

Ranking: 30

Last week: 27

Are Jon Gruden's Raiders good again yet? Asking for a friend.

If you've watched much of the Raiders in 2018, you're well aware that the answer to that question is an emphatic "no." Were it not for an overtime win against the Cleveland Browns with the assist of some curious officiating, the Raiders would be winless.

They may have played their worst game of the season against the Chargers. After falling behind quickly, the run game was abandoned. Oakland was outdone in every statistical category. It was a good old-fashioned whoopin'—a game that wasn't as close as a final score that wasn't close.

Oakland just doesn't do anything well. The offense is inconsistent. The defense is porous. The team, for lack of a better descriptor, is just bad.

Really bad. Like bottom-five in the NFL and trending in the wrong direction bad.

"Oakland should be 0-5," Gagnon said. "Didn't deserve to beat the Browns at home and didn't even put up a fight against a division rival that is known for playing down to competition. This is a lost season in the making."

Sporting News

Ranking: 32

Last week: 30

Jon Gruden’s team is being into the Black Hole, and now it gets banished to London for a week.

USA Today

Ranking: 30

Last week: 29

It’s easy to point the finger at Jon Gruden for the team’s struggles, but the roster just isn’t very good and the highly-paid quarterback continues to make back-breaking mistakes at key moments. Khalil Mack would not have changed much.

Ranking: 31

Last week: 28

Talk about laying a silver-and-black egg. Ugh. In what turned out to be a Raiders home game at StubHub (in theory, the Chargers' "home" stadium), Oakland disappointed attendees with turnovers, penalties and really unsmart decisions. (SEE: Eschewing Marshawn Lynch from the 1-yard line/ Derek Carr's interception in the Bolts' end zone. Gnarly.) A paltry total of 41 rushing yards made Oakland's offense one-dimensional, enough to allow the Chargers to play numbers on the back end, get pressure and halt drives. Jon Gruden looks less like a murderous-rampage Chucky and more like a tired Cabbage Patch Kid spearheading a 1-4 football team.

Average rank: 30.4

Last week: 28.8

This is just about rock bottom, but with several 1-4 teams ahead on the schedule, there is farther they can fall, should they not pull out those wins.