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Raiders vs. Chargers second half open thread

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Los Angeles Chargers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Raiders find themselves trailing again going into the second half of a game, this time down 10-3 to the Chargers after a half. The game had been tied at 3-3 for much of the second quarter before Philip Rivers found Keenan Allen for a touchdown with under 30 seconds in the second quarter.

The Raider defense has held up fairly well, and has kept the bulk of the game action on the Chargers’ side of the field. But the Raider offensive line has had some breakdowns resulting in a pair of drive-killing sacks. On the bright side, the run blocking is good, as the Raiders have 101 total rushing yards. Much of that game on the best Raider play of the day, a 42-yard fake punt rush from Johnny Townsend.

Can the Raiders climb back into this game? We’ll find out.