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Raiders 2019 NFL draft order after week 10: Raiders lose three times, but big win puts them in driver’s seat for number one overall

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JaMarcus Russell Feature Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Sunday was not a good day for the Raiders. First the Bears won again, which is a loss for the Raiders. That lowered their draft position and it felt all the worse with the man they traded for that draft pick putting up another couple sacks in the game to give him 7.0 sacks on the season (the Raiders have 8 sacks as a TEAM).

Then the Raiders literally lost to the Chargers 20-6 which means they have not scored a touchdown in 9 quarters and have been outscored 75-9 over that time.

Sunday night the Cowboys won, which is also a loss for the Raiders. The man they traded for the Cowboy’s top pick had 6 catches for 75 yards.

All was not lost though, because Monday Night brought good news. The Giants won. They were the only team ahead of the Raiders for the number one overall pick. With them out of the way, the Raiders are the league’s only 1-win team and control their own destiny for that top pick.

Here are the Raiders picks in the first three rounds according to

Round 1, pick 1

Round 1, pick 13 (from DAL)

Round 1, pick 25 (from CHI)

Round 2, pick 33

Round 3, pick 65

Picks in rounds 4-7 will change drastically following announcement of compensatory picks.

Not that any game is all that winnable for these Raiders, but if there is a week on the remaining schedule that seems possible to pull out a win, this is the one. They face the 2-7 Cardinals in Arizona. Should they win, they would be back among four teams with two wins, but behind the Cardinals and ahead of the 49ers.

The rest of the Raiders’ schedule after this week is brutal. Though for a team that loses 34-3 to the 49ers, every game is potentially brutal.

Key draft order games this week:

Team to the left is whose win would help Raiders draft position

Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys (13)

New York Giants (3) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona Cardinals (4) vs Oakland Raiders (1)

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears (25)