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Kony Ealy’s time in Oakland ends before really even began

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New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It was just over a week ago the Raiders signed former 2nd round pass rusher Kony Ealy to the roster as part of the attempt to replace Bruce Irvin. They also added pass rusher Jacquies Smith. Smith played in Sunday’s game against the Chargers while Ealy was inactive. Now Ealy has been waived. So, without even playing a snap, Ealy’s time in Oakland is done.

A few years ago, Ealy shocked the world by putting up three sacks for the Panthers against the Broncos in the Super Bowl. He had 5.0 sacks the following season for the Panthers and was traded to the Patriots along with a third round pick for the Patriots’ second round pick in the 2017 draft. In the season and a half since then, he has one sack and has been cut four times.

Along with the waiving of Ealy, the Raiders waived James Cowser from the practice squad.

These moves mean they are clearing space for additions. At least one of which will be a receiver to fill the voids left by the injuries to Martavis Bryant and Jordy Nelson.