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Derek Carr needs to stop trying to defend his decision on 4th and 5 to end Chargers game and own his mistake

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Attempting to defend the indefensible is a bad look for Derek Carr.

Los Angeles Chargers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Derek Carr was asked in several different ways about his decision to throw the ball into the turf on 4th 5 late in the loss to the Chargers. He was given several chances to own up to any kind of responsibility for it — including by yours truly — and he eluded that responsibility with far greater ability than he did Melvin Ingram at any point Sunday.

Any other option there? “Jalen is the guy.” What about scrambling for it? “I definitely would have gotten sacked.” Why not take a shot? “No . . . it’s Jalen.”

It wasn’t a good look.

Sure, there is blame to go around. The play call was bad. The protection was worse. But he flat out gave up on the play and that’s inexcusable.

In the immediate aftermath of a game, some judgment can be cloudy. Watching the tape can offer clarity, so Wednesday Carr was given another chance to tap his chest and say ‘My bad.’ He didn’t take it.

“I mean obviously you wish you could make 54 [Melvin Ingram] miss, like I tried to earlier in the game and try and find somebody else who’s really not looking for the ball,” Carr said of the play. “We designed that for [Jalen Richard] to get open a certain way and they didn’t there and there wasn’t a lot of time to try and make something happen.

“There have been times where I’ve tried to run around and do things. There was a time earlier in the game where I tried to break a tackle and do something more. I wish the outcome was different, everybody does. You watch everyone’s reaction and we all feel the same way; I rip my chinstrap off, I said some things, everyone wishes it was different, but it is what it is. I wish I could explain it in a better way, but.. It sucks.”

No one cares if you were frustrated with the result, Derek. That isn’t the question. No one cares if you wish the result was different. You can’t wish these things into existence. If you want things to be different, you have to do something that gives you at least a slight chance of that. Throwing the ball into the turf is a zero percent play. It ensures the result will not be what anyone hoped it would be. That’s on you, Derek, and only you. Anything short of admitting that is a complete lack of accountability.

This wouldn’t be a good look for anyone on the team, let alone the quarterback, team leader, and now third-time Sportsmanship Award nominee.