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What coaches are saying ahead of the Raiders, Cardinals week 11 match-up: Looking for ‘big things’ from Marcell Ateman

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There have not been many games to get excited about thus far in the 2018 season, but this week’s game versus the Arizona Cardinals holds huge implications on 2019 draft positioning.

If you are looking for a silver lining to this season to forget, it would be having the opportunity to select Ohio State pass rusher, Nick Bosa with the number one overall pick.

Realistically, the Cardinals are last remaining threat that stands between making that dream a reality.

The stars are aligned for another Raiders loss. An already anemic offense will be without Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant who were both ruled out.

Let’s see what players and coaches from both teams are saying about the week 11 match up.

Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther, on what he has seen from Josh Rosen.

“He has a good, live arm. Can throw it down the field. Pretty accurate. He has good weapons around him. Back’s good. Obviously, Larry Fitzgerald has been doing it at a high level for a long time. He’s a talented guy. Like I said, it’s not so much who we’re playing anymore, it’s what we do. That’s what I keep trying to tell the players. It’s what we do. If we can eliminate as much error mentally on the field. Obviously if we’re off a little bit here or there, the margin of error is thin for us. We have to make sure we’re on things. Like I said, it’s more about how we’re playing, but Rosen is a talented guy for sure.”

Guenther, on how to build upon last week’s improved pressure on the quarterback.

“Just keep stressing the rush, if we call a blitz – the entries of it – understanding what the formations are, what could come out of it. Just keep building off of it. We’ll continue to mix things up in there and everything kind of works in conjunction, whether it’s the rush or the coverage or a blitz in the coverage in behind it. So, we have to continue to work on those things and keep putting those things into play.”

Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson, on the role for rookie wide receiver Marcell Ateman.

“I think when you look at our show team offense that goes against our defense, Marcell has been one of those guys that each week he still continues to make those plays. When you look at the rest of the players on the practice squad, he is somebody that has shown up every week, so that has been very encouraging for us. He still makes the contested catches, he’s getting better as a route runner, very competitive player and obviously offers you the size that you are looking for. He’s had a good Fall for us, in that role on the practice squad, and we are looking for big things from him.”

Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Al Holcomb, on Derek Carr and the Raiders offense.

“Yea I think you see him getting rid of the ball maybe sometimes sooner than he wants to. The thing when you look at them statistically the running backs have a lot of receptions, and they are creating opportunities in space. Part of that is wanting to get a match up because they have some really skilled running backs in space and they’re tough to tackle. And the other part of it could be just feeling a little bit of pressure, not wanting to take sacks and things like that. Just getting the ball out.”

Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Bryon Leftwich, on what the Raiders do well on defense.

“Well for one, they are kind sorta of in the same situation as us from a record standpoint, but when you watch these guys play, I’m quite sure the same when they watch us play it don’t look like they have given up I’ll tell you that. They’ve football players over there, got some young guys, some athletic guys that can get to the quarterback, that can really play football. It’s the National Football League guys, everybody that walks in those stadiums and arenas can play. It’s the best of the best.”