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Derek Carr wants to ‘mess up’ Raiders draft

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

It’s no great mystery the Raiders are not going to be competing for a playoff spot this year. They’re 2-8 with a brutal home stretch and many fans have already began looking forward to those three first round picks in 2019. That’s not to say those same fans are rooting for the Raiders to lose. I would venture to say most fans are incapable of rooting against their favorite team. They’re focusing on what they hope are brighter days ahead.

Derek Carr is not. He says f—k your draft. That is if he ever swore.

“I just want to win. I want to mess up the draft. I don’t want the first pick,” said Derek Carr. “I want to win all these games, so I want want everybody to be mad at me for that. That’s what I want to accomplish. For us as an offense, it’s really just building continuity. We got a lot of young guys playing and we got a lot of new guys playing. I just think it’s so cool what opportunity we have. Everyone sees what’s going on, what we’re having to deal with, but why not just go out and win some games? I think that would be so cool for this group to be able to hold onto.”

This attitude is what you expect from any player in that locker room. As Gruden said this week “winning is the great motivator.”

These guys don’t get excited about the draft. If last year was any indication, most of these guys won’t even be on the team next season.

A recent poll we put out said most Raiders fans would rather see this team be competitive against a good team even if it means losing than stumbling into a win against a bad team.

Showing potential and competing down the stretch is most important here. From a fan’s perspective that takes precedence over winning in a lost season. From a player’s perspective, they must have that drive to win in order to be competitive.

So, yes, Derek, hit the field with the mindset you would like to “mess up the draft” for the Raiders. Even if with this talent deprived team that will be extremely difficult to do.