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Thanksgiving Day Game open thread: Lions vs. Bears

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Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, Raider fans! There are three games on this glorious Turkey Day, the first one being the Lions and Bears. The Lions have played host to a game on Thanksgiving Day going back to 1934, no matter how awful they are. Usually, they pollute our airwaves with their putrid play and ruin the appetites of millions of fans across the Midwest. However, in recent years they have been pretty okay with Matt Stafford under center.

The Bears are one of the Lions’ main traditional rivalries dating back to the beginning of the NFL, and the two teams have met many times on this holiday. When the native Squanto first met the Pilgrims, he did so to inform them that the Bears had defeated the Portsmouth Spartans, 20-3. “Squanto” is a great word to describe how the Lions have played for the majority of their team’s history.

Enjoy the game!