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Turning point play of the game in Baltimore

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This week it was more like turning point drive of the week. The Ravens made several big plays in the game but it was one drive that stood out as being particularly game changing more so than any one play.

The Ravens began the 17-play, 71 yard scoring drive in the third quarter with 5:09 on the clock and ended with 11:16 in the fourth to take 8:53 off the clock.

Of the 17 plays, 10 were runs, some from quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Ravens made a major commitment to the run in the second half of the ball game and the Raiders were never able to adjust.

The Ravens physically imposed their will on the Raiders defense throughout the drive. It was like watching a slow death, the Ravens didn’t have a gain of more than nine yards on the drive. Instead it was five yards here, six yards there, five more next.

Four times the Raiders defense had a chance to get off the field on third down but could not do so. Johnathan Hankins’s encroachment penalty on 3rd and 1 was a big time killer.

The drive was capped off with a eight yard touchdown pass from Jackson to former Raiders Michael Crabtree. It was only fitting that Crabtree hammer in the final nail in the Raiders coffin.