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Raiders 2019 NFL draft order after week 12: Acquired picks keep tumbling

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Raiders won a game. That dropped them out of the driver’s seat for the number one overall pick and in order to get it back they would need the 49ers and Cardinals to win another game. That didn’t happen this week, keeping the Raiders’ own pick at third overall.

As for the picks they acquired in trade with the Bears (Khalil Mack) and Cowboys (Amari Cooper), those just keep dropping as those teams keep winning. The Bears have won five in a row and the Cowboys are 3-1 since Coop joined the team, winning three straight.

The Bears have had Mack all season and have been a force to be reckoned with because of it. The Cowboys were 3-4 when the Raiders sent Coop there, making it look as if they might get a top ten pick for him. It’s not looking that way now. They are now 6-5 and lead the NFC East.

Here are the Raiders first round picks now according to It’s not a pretty picture.

Round 1, pick 3

Round 1, pick 22 (from DAL)

Round 1, pick 26 (from CHI)

Round 2, pick 34

Round 3, pick 65

Picks in rounds 4-7 will change drastically following announcement of compensatory picks.

Next up for the Raiders is their toughest match-up of the season. They face the 9-2 Chiefs. It’s the first meeting between the two teams, meaning the Raiders will face them twice over the final five games.

Note: There are some draft orders that have the Raiders picking second overall should the season end today. That’s probably because they are factoring the Raiders’ strength of schedule for games already played, while this one factors in strength of schedule for the entire season. And the Raiders have a brutal stretch run — Chiefs x2, Steelers, Broncos, Bengals — that would most certainly keep them at third overall by season’s end should the top three teams all lose out.

Key draft order games this week:

Team to the left is whose win would help Raiders draft position

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys (22)

Arizona Cardinals (2) at Green Bay Packers

New York Giants vs Chicago Bears (26)

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders (3)

San Francisco 49ers (1) at Seattle Seahawks