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Raiders Rodney Hudson is top three NFL center this season per PFF, but is not even in the top ten in Pro Bowl voting at his position

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NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Bowl voting is literally a popularity contest and with the season the Raiders are having, fans aren’t rushing to the polls to vote for any of them. And when you put the decision in the hands of the fans, the process is going to be suspect for any position. For offensive linemen, it’s exponentially more suspect.

Few fans pay any a lot of attention to players on other teams who don’t affect their fantasy team. Defensive players at least has some stats to show their worth (even if those stats don’t tell the whole story). For offensive linemen, they have very little in the way of actual stats. And interior linemen especially are a complete mystery to many, so they just vote for the guys on their team.

The Raiders are a mess right now. But not everyone on the team is suddenly a bad player. Rodney Hudson — who has made the last two Pro Bowls — is still have as good a season as he had the last two seasons. If you would like proof, just look at his Pro Football Focus grade right now:

Third in the grading. And yet if you go to the Pro Bowl voting results right now, two weeks in, he is no where to be found among the top ten at his position.

1 Pouncey, Maurkice Pittsburgh Steelers

2 Unger, Max New Orleans Saints

3 Kelce, Jason Philadelphia Eagles

4 Pouncey, Mike Los Angeles Chargers

5 Mack, Alex Atlanta Falcons

6 Whitehair, Cody Chicago Bears

7 Andrews, David New England Patriots

8 Kalil, Ryan Carolina Panthers

9 Sullivan, John Los Angeles Rams

10 Elflein, Pat Minnesota Vikings

The Pouncey families must be active voters.

Jason Kelce and Alex Mack are among the top ten vote getters while Matt Paradis and Corey Linsley are not mainly because Kelce and Mack have made several Pro Bowls. But so too has Hudson, so what’s the deal?

In case you’re wondering, Jared Cook is still the only Raiders player currently in the top ten in votes at his position. He is 8th.

If you would like to make your voice heard, and right the injustice of Hudson not being among the top vote getters, head over to vote for the Pro Bowl.