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I hope you’re ready to see Amari Cooper in a Cowboys uniform because he makes his Dallas debut tonight

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Amari Cooper will take the field in a uniform other than the Raiders for the first time as a pro on Monday Night Football.

NFL: International Series-Oakland Raiders Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the Raiders stadium on game day the past couple seasons, most of the jerseys you would see were either Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, or Amari Cooper. Two of those jerseys have likely been stuck in the back of the closet now.

Raiders fans have already had to endure a half season of watching Mack in a Bears jersey, including him crushing it in prime time. Tonight, if you tune into ESPN Monday Night Football, you will watch the former half of AC/DC in a Cowboys jersey as they will face the Tennessee Titans at 5:15 pm Pacific (8:20 pm ET).

‘Coop’ was traded to Dallas two weeks ago for a first round pick. Since the Raiders were out of their bye week and the Cowboys were entering theirs, Coop hasn’t seen the field since October 14 — a span of over three weeks.

Raiders fans will undoubtedly be tracking him to see if he can manage to succeed in areas he couldn’t in Oakland and if he is able to improve the Cowboys team. Most will say they wish the best for him, knowing full well if he plays well it would only give them regrets, not to mention lower the draft pick the Raiders will get from the Cowboys should he contribute to wins.

Either way prepare yourself to see the man you used to yell ‘Coooooooop’ for when he was announced, take the field in a different silver helmet. This one with a star on the side.