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Halfway through the season here are the numbers Raiders players are on pace for

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We are at the halfway mark of the season, so let’s look at where the Raiders’ current numbers project them over a full 16 games along with where those numbers would have ranked last season.

Record: 2-14

2017 rank: 31st

Points for: 282

2017 rank: 28th

Points against: 504

2017 rank: By far the most points allowed in the NFL. You have to go back ten years to find a team that gave up more points. In 2008 the Detroit Lions gave up 517 points.

Derek Carr: 4396 yards, 20 TD’s, 16 Int

2017 rank: 4th in the NFL in passing yards, 17th in passing TD’s, 2nd most Int’s.

Doug Martin: 704 yards rushing*, 0 TD’s

2017 rank: 26th in rushing

*Adjusted to average in past two games over the remaining 8 games of the season

Jared Cook: 76 catches, 988 yards, 6 TD’s

2017 rank: 3rd most receptions among TE’s (15th overall), 3rd most yards among TE’s (17th overall), 7th in TD’s among TE’s (26th overall).

Jordy Nelson: 50 catches, 706 yards, 6 TD’s

2017 rank: 74th in receptions, 45th in yards, 26th in TD’s.

Jalen Richard: 86 catches, 696 yards, 0 TD’s

2017 ranks: Most catches in the NFL among RB’s (10th overall), 3rd in receiving among RB’s (48th overall),

Martavis Bryant: 32 catches, 498 yards, 0 TD’s

2017 rank: 126th in catches, 87th in yards

Seth Roberts: 36 catches, 376 yards, 4 TD’s

2017 rank: 106th in catches, 116th in yards, 51st in TD’s

Brandon LaFell: 30 catches, 295 yards*, 2 TD’s

2017 rank: 131st in catches, 148th in yards, 109th in TD’s

*Adjusted for numbers of last two games over final 8 games of the season.

Maurice Hurst: 4.0 sacks, 34 tackles, 2.0 TFL, 6 passes defended

2017 rank: 84th in the NFL in sacks, 6th among DL in passes defended

Tahir Whitehead: 114 tackles, 14.0 tackles for loss

2017 rank: 15th in the NFL in tackles, 16th in TFL

Gareon Conley: 2 INT’s, 14 passes defended

2017 rank: 53rd INT’s, 28th in passes defended

Overall: Carr approaching 4400 yards when he has never even reached 4000 yards in a season, and no 1000-yard receivers. Cook comes closest at 988 yards. At the quarter mark the numbers were through the roof, in large part due to the Browns game. But the team has fallen through the floor since then.