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Bruce Irvin clears waivers unclaimed which is great for him, not great for Raiders

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NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At the trade deadline, the Raiders were shopping Bruce Irvin. They would have taken just about anything for him, but got no bites. So, they waited until the next week and waived him. Had they not waited, it would have been a cut outright, but they were hoping someone might snatch him up on waivers and take on the rest of his 2018 salary ($3.7 million). No one did.

This is great for Irvin, because he was getting that money one way or another, whether it be from the Raiders or another team. Now, on top of that, he will not only get to sign with whomever he wants, but he’ll get a new contract on top of the $3.7 million the Raiders owe him for the rest of the season.

He is a kid in a candy store right about now. Whichever teams make an offer, he can choose the one he wants to go to. He’s already getting paid, so he can choose a team based on other factors like how he fits with the team and if they are playoff bound. Neither of those were an option in Oakland this season where he was phased out of the defense and the team is sitting at 1-7, with little hope of getting another win this season.

He should find a home very soon I would bet. They will want to get him in the fold for this week’s game to try and add a little pass rush. He’s certainly fresh. He’s played a total of 33 snaps in a month.