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Khalil Mack thinks former Raiders teammate Bruce Irvin picked a good number for the Falcons

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New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Interesting choice of numbers for Bruce Irvin with the Falcons. He was officially announced today along with a picture of him in his Falcons jersey which he will be wearing this Sunday when they face the Browns as he is expected to play immediately.

Irvin is number 52. The same number former Raiders teammate Khalil Mack wore in Oakland and still wears in Chicago.

Mack was Irvin’s teammate the past two seasons. Irvin was number 51. That number has belonged to Cal alum Pro Bowl center Alex Mack for three seasons.

Irvin quote tweeted the announcement saying “Red and black never looked so good!” Mack saw Irvin’s tweet with his new number and said something about it, prompting a response of from Irvin.