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Thursday Night Football open thread: Panthers vs. Steelers

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Carolina Panthers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider Nation! The NFL’s Week 10 gets underway tonight with a rare prime time battle of teams who are actually good, instead of the crap teams or the NFC East Game of the Week we usually get.

The Panthers and the Steelers both are legitimate playoff contenders, with the Panthers at 6-2 looking up at the Saints and the Steelers at 5-2-1 at the top of the AFC North. The Panthers have been spurred by a tough defense and the emergence of former Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey, who has emerged from his cocoon as a fully-formed white Roger Craig.

The Steelers have elected to play this season without a defense, but they are riding cancer survivor and Pitt product James Conner as far as his legs will take him. Le’veon Bell is still holding out, but Conner is arguably the better player right now, so the Steelers are in good shape.

You can watch this game on FOX and the NFL Network at 5:20 Pacific Time, or stream the game live on the NFL Network app.