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Raiders Hall of Fame WR Tim Brown’s 1987 Heisman Trophy going up for auction with record price expected

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Would you like to get one of the most coveted awards in all of sports? How about an amazing piece of Raiders memorabilia? Well, technically, it’s Notre Dame memorabilia, but since Tim Brown was ultimately dubbed “Mr Raider” any Raiders fan would see it as Raiders memorabilia.

Well, if you got a few hundred thousand dollars laying around, Tim Brown’s 1987 Heisman Trophy could be yours. The trophy will be going up for auction by Goldin Auctions on November 19th with the final sale to be completed December 8th. Talk about the ultimate gift for the Raiders fan in your life.

Tim Brown sold the trophy last year and the person who bought it is now putting it up for auction. And the trophy is expected to pull in a record price tag.

”We believe it is one of the the most significant award trophies to ever be auctioned in any sport,” Goldin Auctions president Ken Goldin told ESPN. “We have the most prestigious and valuable award given to an NFL Hall of Famer who went to the most storied program in history.”

The current record price for a Heisman Trophy was last year for Rashaan Salaam’s 1994 trophy which went for $399,608. Brown is a College Football Hall of Famer and Pro Football Hall of Famer, making his trophy far more valuable.

Heisman trophies have become more valuable in recent years because since 1999, the Heisman Trust has made winners sign a waiver that they would not sell the trophy. Making it more and more difficult to get one. And what an awesome thing to display in your house.