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Updated Raiders 2019 NFL draft order and who Raider Nation should be rooting for in week 10

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2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Each week that passes, the Raiders draft prospects increase. They keep losing and the teams who they are competing with for draft position keep winning. Well, except for one team. And that is the only team that is keeping them from currently being in position for the number one overall pick.

But take heart, Raiders fans. The Raiders have three first round picks. Their own being the highest, but also the Cowboys and Bears picks. The Cowboys is looking like it will be pretty high as well.

Here are the Raiders picks in the first three rounds according to

Round 1, pick 2

Round 1, pick 10 (from DAL)

Round 1, pick 25 (from CHI)

Round 2, pick 33

Round 3, pick 66

Picks in rounds 4-7 will change drastically following announcement of compensatory picks.

The Raiders and Giants are now the only remaining one-win teams in the league. Last Thursday’s loss to the previously one-win 49ers and their loss to the previously one-win Cardinals the week before that saw to that.

As it happens, the Giants will face the 49ers this week on Monday Night Football. So, Raiders fans will have plenty of reason to watch and cheer for them to get their second win of the season.

This week the Raiders face the Chargers for the second time this season. They were blown out 26-10 last time, as part of the Chargers current 5-game win streak and starting the Raiders’ current 4-game losing streak.

Key draft order games this week:

Team to the left is whose win would help Raiders draft position

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (25)

Cleveland Browns (6) vs Atlanta Falcons

Arizona Cardinals (5) at Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills (4) at New York Jets

Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders (2)

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (10)

New York Giants (1) at San Francisco 49ers (3)