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Raiders 2019 NFL draft order after week 14: Big win without big drop

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

By the time the Raiders kicked off Sunday, they were already back in control of their own destiny for the number one overall pick. The 49ers were beating up the Broncos and that win would move them out of the way for the Raiders to be the league’s only 2-win team. Then the Raiders went out and became a 3-win team.

In a game many thought the Raiders would be laughed out of the building, including oddsmakers who had the Raiders as 11-point underdogs to the Steelers, they went out of pulled off the upset. They had a little help from Mike Tomlin who kept Ben Roethlisberger with sore ribs until they needed him to make a late comeback. Then they got some help from the wet field causing Steelers kicker Chris Boswell to slip on his plant foot on what would have been the game-tying 40-yard field goal. But regardless of how it happened, the Raiders pulled out the win.

Those of you who are hoping for that number one overall pick may have been a bit disappointed in the outcome, but take heart. The Raiders were in position for the 2nd overall pick, and the win Sunday had them spot.

That’s because the 49ers won to keep them tied with the Raiders, as did the Jets, giving them one more win than the Raiders. So, they’re in the exact same spot they were two weeks ago before the Cardinals upset the Packers.

As for their other two picks, there’s no good news there as the Cowboys and Bears both won this week. In both cases, the player the Raiders traded to them was a key factor in the win. Mack had a sack, a QB hit, and a forced fumble in an upset win over the Rams. While Amari Cooper had 10 catches for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns including the game-winner over the Eagles. Both teams are playoff bound, the Bears are in line for a first round bye.

Here are the Raiders picks look like now according to

Round 1, pick 3

Round 1, pick 24 (from DAL)

Round 1, pick 26 (from CHI)

Round 2, pick 34

Round 3, pick 65

Picks in rounds 4-7 will change drastically following announcement of compensatory picks.

This week will be a favorable match-up for the Raiders as they head to Cincinnati to face the 5-8 Bengals, losers of five-straight. Should they win that one, their drop in the draft order could be more significant.

We’re back to rooting for the 49ers and Cardinals to pull out wins.

Key draft order games this week:

Team to the left is whose win would help Raiders draft position

Arizona Cardinals (2) at Atlanta Falcons (4)

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (26)

Cincinnati Bengals vs Oakland Raiders (3)

Indianapolis Colts vs Dallas Cowboys (24)

San Francisco 49ers (1) vs Seattle Seahawks