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Hue Jackson has been kiss of death for teams he has coached and Raiders are about to face him for second time this season

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Jackson’s record as a coach is breathtaking.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when Hue Jackson was the young, up and coming genius head coach in waiting. Al Davis brought him in as the Raiders offensive coordinator in 2010 under then head coach Tom Cable will designs on handing over the head job to Jackson the following season.

Just four games into his season as head coach, Al Davis died. The game in Houston which was won on the final play is etched in our memories. Hue Jackson, overtaken by the emotion of the moment, dropped to his knee as his eyes welled up as if to say ‘this one was for you, Al’

The following week, everything would change. Starting QB Jason Campbell — who had led the team to four wins in six games that season — would be lost for the season with a broken collarbone. Jackson, desperate to keep things rolling, made a bold move, trading a first and second round pick to the Bengals for Carson Palmer to get off the couch and play football again in Oakland.

Initially the move seemed like a solid one. After a rough first couple outings in which he threw six combined interceptions, Palmer led the Raiders to three-straight wins.

Then the Raiders hit another snag. In the week leading up to the game in Miami, Rolando McClain was arrested in Alabama for assault and discharging a firearm near a man’s head.

McClain met the Raiders in Miami, where you would have expected he would have been told, at very least, to sit this one out, champ.

The extent of Jackson’s punishment was for McClain to not take the field for the first play, thus not technically getting the start. McClain came in the game on the second play and was, for all intents and purposes, the starter.

Jackson lost the team that day. And it started an amazing string of futility for Jackson that exists to this day.

Since that day, Jackson has won a grand total of THREE GAMES over 41 games as a head coach. I have no words for that.

After losing to the previously winless Raiders in week four of this season, Jackson was fired as Browns’ head coach. Since then the Browns have won four of nine games. Yes, that’s more wins in 9 games without Hue than Jackson had in 41 games as head coach. Stunning.

But that’s not all.

Jackson was hired by the Bengals on November 12 to be the team’s assistant DB and special teams coach. And the Bengals have not won a game since. They were 5-4 when he was brought on. And they’ve been 0-4 since, which gives teams on which Jackson was a coach since 2016 a record of 2-40.

Among those four losses this season was to his old team the Browns, which led to an awkward handshake between Jackson and rookie QB Baker Mayfield after the game. Jackson didn’t start Mayfield until after he came in as an injury replacement in the team’s week three game against the Jets and heroically gave Jackson his first win since 2016. So, Mayfield isn’t too crazy about ol’ Hue-bris.

That loss to Mayfield and the Browns also saw the Bengals lose starting QB Andy Dalton for the season in that game as well.

The whole thing is just eerie.

Now the 3-10 Raiders will face a Hue Jackson coached team for the second time this season as they head to Cincinnati to face the 5-8 Bengals.

One thing is clear; Hue Jackson should never be an NFL head coach again. And at this rate, you gotta wonder if he should he even be allowed around and NFL team. He’s just bad juju.