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Las Vegas to host 2020 NFL draft ahead of Raiders inaugural season in new stadium

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Las Vegas Raiders stadium rendering

Currently the Raiders figure to have two first round picks in the 2020 draft. The second pick courtesy of the Bears as part of the trade that sent Khalil Mack to Chicago. Should those top picks choose to attend the draft that year, they will be selected in the backdrop of the brand new stadium in which they will be playing on Sundays.

“The NFL Draft is one of the most-anticipated events of the year and we are excited to take it to Las Vegas,” Goodell Wednesday said in a statement. “We look forward to working with the Raiders, Las Vegas officials and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to create an unforgettable week-long celebration of football for our fans, the incoming prospects and partners.”

Once upon a time, the draft was always held in New York City. But for the past five years, the NFL has taken the annual event on tour. First in Chicago in 2015-16, then Philadelphia, and Arlington Texas last year. The 2019 draft will take place in Nashville Tennessee before heading to Sin City in 2020.

”The Raiders are very excited for Las Vegas and are proud to help host the 2020 NFL Draft,” Raiders owner Mark Davis said in a statement. “Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and will provide a tremendous experience for the NFL and its fans.”

It seems unlikely the draft would take place at the actual stadium as they are on a tight schedule that has the stadium slated for completion as early as two months later. There is also any number of ideal spots to hold the draft.