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Odds, betting lines on Raiders home next season

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we discussed Wednesday, there are three clear favorites for where the Raiders will play their home games next season. Oddsmakers have confirmed those favorites by putting those locations atop their odds, starting with Oakland. There are a great many others after that and it gets pretty interesting.

Here are the odds for the Raiders’ 2019 home courtesy of BetDSI:

Oakland +120

San Diego +250

Santa Clara +400

Phoenix +500

Seattle +1000

San Antonio +1000

Portland +1500

Memphis +2000

Toronto +3000

St. Louis +3000

London +5000

Field (Any other city) +500

Oakland would be the easiest and therefore make the most sense. They simply need to re-up the lease and play out their final season before going to Las Vegas in 2020 as originally planned.

San Diego has an NFL ready stadium. The Chargers were playing all their home games there just two years ago and there is a strong Raiders fan contingent in Southern California.

Santa Clara is Levi’s Stadium and would mean sharing the stadium with the 49ers for a year, which was at one time offered to the Raiders.

It gets pretty interesting from there, starting with Phoenix, which is geographically the closest viable option to Las Vegas which is not even among the odds due to Sam Boyd Stadium not deemed NFL ready. Reno is also not among the choices, likely for the same reason.

Seattle makes sense in some regard. Mark Davis said all options were on the table, including cities that already have NFL franchises, and outside of Santa Clara, CenturyLink where the Seahawks play is the next most logical option in that regard. San Antonio has the Alamodome, but Davis said he doesn’t like the turf there. We can translate that to Jerry Jones’s turf where Davis would be unwise to tread.