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Raiders WR Martavis Bryant receives indefinite NFL ban

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What was always a terrible trade is now finalized. What a waste.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It finally happened. That which was reported in the offseason and feared as the team entered the regular season has happened — Martavis Bryant has been suspended indefinitely.

Bryant was was former 4th round pick out of Clemson by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was always very talented, but came with a lot of red flags. Most notably, he has failed drug tests multiple times, leading to his having already been suspended for the entire 2016 season.

Despite this fact, Jon Gruden threw away a third round pick to acquire Bryant, only to complain he wasn’t versatile enough, wasn’t up to speed with the playbook, and wasn’t available enough due to suffering from frequent migraines.

Bryant was among those waived in the final roster cuts to begin the season and no other NFL team claimed him. He was then brought back after the season opener on a non-guaranteed contract.

He appeared in 8 games with 19 catches for 266 yards and no touchdowns before a knee injury sent him to injured reserve.

At times, Gruden has said he may try to bring Bryant back next season. Now that option has been pulled from the table.