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Derek Carr now owns NFL active interception-less streak, sets new Raiders record

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Pressure is something Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has seen a lot of recently. Without his two starting guards on Sunday against the Bengals, Carr was sacked five times increasing the total to 30 sacks over the last seven games.

Carr has never been sacked at this rate in his NFL career and yet he is playing the cleanest football he has ever played.

On Sunday against Cincinnati, Carr continued his interception-less streak putting the total at 292 passes without an interception. He has not thrown a pick since Week 5 when he led the NFL with eight.

The nine games without a turnover through the air has earned Carr the franchise record of passes without an interception surpassing former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon who in his 2001 MVP season went 277 passes without throwing the ball to the opposing team.

Aaron Rodgers threw an interception in Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears ending his streak of 402 passes without a pick.

As such, Carr now also possesses the NFL’s longest active interception-less streak. The 292 number puts Carr within shouting distance of some special quarterbacks on the all-time interception-less streak list that includes Drew Brees (305), Alex Smith (312) and Tom Brady (358).

If Carr continues to make sound decisions with the football and a few more dropped balls in the secondary go his way, he could have a shot at grabbing the all-time NFL record from Rodgers sometime in 2019. A mark that may actually matter if it’s accompanied by some wins.