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Amy Trask has a few interesting (and awesome) suggestions for the Raiders to do for fans at what could be last game in Oakland

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Next Monday could be the last game in Oakland. Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask has some ideas of how the organization could show appreciate to the fans.

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Where will the Raiders be playing their home games next season? The suspense is killing everyone right now. It’s the question being posed since the City of Oakland announced they have filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the team and the NFL, prompting the Raiders to say they’re pulling their offer to renew their lease at the Coliseum for 2019.

Even if the Raiders do play in Oakland next season, they won’t be revealing that before next Monday when they face the Broncos. They want fans to believe this is it and come out to support what could be the last game ever in Oakland.

Mark Davis said last week the only reason he could decide to play one more season in Oakland is for the fans. If he truly does care so much about the fans in Oakland which he will be leaving high and dry when the team moves to Las Vegas in a year regardless, he has a chance to prove it.

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask has a few suggestions.

Having a huge party with Oakland artists is a great idea. MC Hammer attends a lot of Raiders home games, so it wouldn’t out of his way to perform a couple songs. He responded to Amy’s suggestion on twitter by saying “We love you Amy #RaiderNation”.

Amy also mentions Too Short and Adam Duritz from Counting Crows. I would like to add in E-40, Digital Underground, and The Coup for your consideration. Green Day would probably be too much to ask for.

The Raider legends signing autographs is a common occurrence in Raiderville before the game, so that wouldn’t be going above and beyond.

The free concessions would be great too, but I highly doubt that would happen. Though maybe something like $1 hotdogs like they do at A’s games from time to time would be a cool idea. I can’t imagine in a million years they would allow the fans onto the field after the game as it would present a security nightmare.

At this point, I think the Raiders should do this stuff regardless of whether they plan to stay another season. These fans have been trampled under the large tracks of the NFL and the Raiders. This would be a small gesture that would not only be a nice thing to do, but a sound business decision.