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Jon Gruden hoping to ‘restart’ Nathan Peterman with Raiders

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Chicago Bears v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Have you ever called technical support for an electronic device before? You probably have. Most of us have. The first thing the person on the other end of the phone (or chat room if you like) usually says is instructing you on how to restart the device. The hope is that there is some bugs that will clean out or updates that will load when it reboots.

Consider Jon Gruden tech support and Nathan Peterman is a faulty device. The Bills kept tinkering with him and trying to troubleshoot how he wasn’t functioning as they thought he should. After 12 interceptions to just 3 TD’s and a career 32.5 passer rating, they eventually just replaced him. Gruden would like to see if he can give it a go.

“Hopefully, we can take him into the offseason program. See if we can restart him and get him going,” Gruden said of Peterman, who has been signed to the team’s practice squad for the time being.

Gruden is on record as having liked Peterman a LOT coming out of college. He said prior to the 2017 draft — in which Peterman was selected in the 5th round — that he thought the 6-2, 225-pound QB was a first round talent that could contribute in the NFL immediately.

“I go back to the University of Tennessee where he came from,” said Gruden. “I spent a lot of time there. I know what kind of kid he is and what kind of worker he is. I like what he did at Pitt. They beat Clemson. I like what he did in that game, at Clemson. He showed some real savvy and some real pocket presence. He’s an athletic guy. I know he’s had some problems in Buffalo, but again we’re talking about our practice squad quarterback here.”

Peterman’s duties are a bit greater at this moment for the Raiders because backup quarterback AJ McCarron is in Alabama where he and his wife just had a baby, leading Gruden to say Peterman “has a lot to learn, quick.”

As far as offseason third string quarterbacks go, Peterman makes some sense. If Gruden likes his potential that much, give him a full offseason to see if he can find it in his offense. If it works out, and he can win the primary backup job, great. If not, you’ve lost nothing. Though hopefully Gruden isn’t stubborn like the Bills were and keeps seeing potential and Peterman just can’t access that program.