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Silver Mining 12/22: Raiders to AT&T Park?

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Oakland Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


Raiders' Darren Waller works toward sobriety and stardom
Raiders tight end Darren Waller, signed off the practice squad of the Baltimore Ravens, said he's finally comfortable in his own skin after two NFL substance abuse suspensions.

Why No One Seems to Care That the Raiders Are Leaving Oakland |
There’s been barely a peep from fans about the Raiders’ possible finale in the Coliseum—because the Raiders represent an ethos, rather than a city

Raiders talking to Giants about using AT&T Park for 2019 schedule - Niners Nation
Things are a mess for the Raiders.


Chiefs may lean on Tremon Smith if Kendall Fuller can’t play | The Kansas City Star
Tremon Smith, a rookie sixth-round pick from a FCS school and a former high school quarterback, may be the next man up in the defensive backfield in Kendall Fuller can’t play.

Annabel Bowlen enters dispute regarding Broncos’ ownership
Annabel Bowlen, the wife of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, has entered the dispute between Bill Bowlen and the Pat Bowlen Trust.

Peyton Manning breaks down Los Angeles Chargers’ Philip Rivers, game-winning plays vs. Chiefs
Peyton Manning breaks down Los Angeles Chargers' Philip Rivers and the game-winning plays vs. Chiefs.


Ravens to retain Harbaugh in '19, working on extension -
John Harbaugh is in the Ravens' plan for the immediate future, and perhaps beyond. The team released a statement Friday announcing that Harbaugh will remain their head coach through 2019.

Sean Payton wants to increase game-day rosters -
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton recently advocated for the 46-man roster on game day to increase. The Saints had two offensive lineman exit with injuries in last week's Week 15 matchup.

Josh Gordon Stepping Away from NFL to Focus on Mental Health, Thanks Patriots | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon announced Thursday that he is "stepping away from the football field" to focus on his mental health...