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Sunday Night Football open thread: Chiefs vs. Seahawks

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Kansas City Chiefs v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider Nation! After that barn-burner of a Steelers-Saints game, the fun is not over! We have one more game this evening and it’s a matchup of one team that may be the top seed in the AFC and one that’s trying to lock up an NFC Wild Card spot.

The Chiefs were helped severely by the Chargers’ loss yesterday to the Ravens, and they are in the driver’s seat for homefield advantage in the playoffs. The only thing this guarantees them is that they will not be able to lose in the Wild Card round again this year. They’ll have to wait for the aforementioned Ravens or the Chargers to beat them in the Divisional Round. You can bet the house on this.

Seattle is almost certainly going to grab one of the NFC Wild Card playoff berths, However, as they won’t have a home game, they are dead in the water. Seattle is tough at home but isn’t great on the road, and their best bet is to get a Cowboys team on the road that could come out flat because that’s what Dallas does.

Can the Chiefs pull off a huge win in the Pacific Northwest or will the Seachickens defend their home turf? Watch this game on NBC at 5:20 PM Pacific, and stream live on NBCSports. Enjoy the game!