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Raiders week 16 Ballers & Busters vs Broncos: Part two

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Did anyone deserve coal in their stockings for their performance on Christmas Eve?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports



Sorry if you came here to find some poor performances. But on rare occasions, there is just no one worthy of being named a Buster. This is one of those occasions. That’s not to say everyone played a flawless game. There were mistakes made to be certain, but none so egregious to call them out for it.

This might have been a place where some ‘Betweeners’ would go. Rashaan Melvin gave up quite a few catches, but he also was a tackling machine, including making the first three tackles of the game to finish with a team-leading 12 tackles.

Arden Key got some pressures, but couldn’t make the tackle on all but one occasion and it wasn’t a sack. His missed sacks led to a couple big plays for Case Keenum.

Tahir Whitehead was second on the team with 9 tackles (8 solo), but gave up some catches in coverage and a couple runs as well, several of them on the Broncos’ two scoring drives.

In the end, everyone on the team played inspired football and every area of the team stepped up to contribute to the win. I can’t think of a win this team and the fans needed more. It made for a very Merry Christmas.

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