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Pat Mahomes late clutch play makes for Raiders week 13 turning point play of game

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

When people talk about the greatness of Patrick Mahomes the first thing that comes to mind is his rare arm talent. But the skill that he possess that is not talked about enough is his ability to escape pressure and extend plays with his legs.

There were many instances in Sunday’s game where the Raiders appeared to have Mahomes bottled up and like a magician he found a way to escape and make a play. So, of course that’s how he created this week’s turning point play of the game.

With 2:25 remaining in the fourth quarter the Raiders trailed 33-30. The Chiefs were facing a crucial 3rd and 5, from the Raiders 30-yard-line. The Raiders defense desperately needed to get off the field, and hope to hold the Chiefs to three points.

Mahomes took the snap facing only a three man rush from the Raiders. Despite only having three rushers, Shilique Calhoun nearly got home and sacked Mahomes. In fact, Calhoun actually had Mahomes in his grasp but could not bring him down.

Escaping the sack, Mahomes then scrambled to his right and towards the line of scrimmage. Mahomes — wise beyond his years — tucked the ball away as if he was going to run. That subtle move drew linebacker Tahir Whitehead up to play against the Mahomes run.

Once Whitehead bit on the run, that gave Mahomes the space he need to float the ball over the defender to a wide open Travis Kelce for a 25-yard gain down to the Raiders four yard line.

Three plays later Mahomes connected with Chris Conley for a two-yard touchdown pass to seal the victory for the Chiefs.