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Monday Night Football open thread: Washington vs. Philadelphia

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Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

There’s one more game in Week 13, and it’s your traditional NFC East Game of the Week as the Washington Indigenous Persons head to Philly to take on the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles. The Eagles stand at 6-5 and the Persons are 5-6, still reeling from the loss of quarterback Alex Smith to a severe leg injury.

Adrian Peterson is Washington’s main offensive weapon, and has proven to have a lot still left in the tank even at the age of 33. The team is pretty much just “okay” in every aspect and they play like it.

The Eagles are coming off a win over the Giants and are hoping to make a big push and take the division from the Cowboys. Having Carson Wentz healthy is a boon to the team, but they need to be more consistent in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Their secondary is a mess and their defensive line is no longer dominating the way they did last season.

You can watch tonight’s game on ESPN at 5 PM and stream on WatchESPN.