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Mike Mayock interviews for Raiders GM job while in Kansas City

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The Raiders are working overtime in Kansas City as they interviewed Mike Mayock for their open GM spot while in town to play the Chiefs.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

While in Kansas City to play the Chiefs to close the season, the Raiders have interviewed Mike Mayock for their open General Manager position. And according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, he has emerged as a “strong candidate” for the position. Mayock himself confirmed the interview to Vic Tafur of the Athletic.

Mayock has been a television GM just like Gruden has been a television coach over the last few years so he has been in touch with the game, watching plenty of tape. And if you look at the players Mayock has liked in his time with NFL Network, he’s usually right. So he’s become a respected NFL personnel man that a lot of NFL teams are interested in now.

He’s also no stranger to the Raiders as legendary owner Al Davis thought highly of him. So it is likely a move would have the spirit of Davis’ blessing if it is to happen. This would be the start of a unified personnel room with only one draft board going forward. The writer here hopes the Raiders go into the future with Mayock as the GM.

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