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Raiders 2019 NFL draft order in first three rounds after week 17: Raiders will pick at fourth overall

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And puts them in the lowest draft position they’ve had in two months.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Best case scenario today would have the Raiders beating the Chiefs with several other teams in the top ten of the draft order winning so they wouldn’t fall far in the draft order. Worst case scenario would be they lose to the Chiefs and all the teams ahead of them in the draft order also lose. It was the latter.

The Raiders got absolutely embarrassed in Kansas City, losing 35-3. In order for the loss to work in their favor, the 49ers and Jets would need to win. They all lost, which has the Raiders drafting at 4th overall in the upcoming draft.

To make matters worse, both the Cowboys won their final game and the Bears are on their way to beating the Vikings as well, which keeps their draft positions in the bottom of the first round.

The Cardinals lost to the Seahawks so they will have the top pick in every round.

Here is what Raiders picks look like now according to

Round 1, pick 4

Round 1, pick 25* (from DAL)

Round 1, pick 28* (from CHI)

Round 2, pick 35

Round 3, pick 66

* Exact selection will depend on when each team exits the playoffs

Picks in rounds 4-7 will change drastically following announcement of compensatory picks.

Both the Cowboys and Bears will play in the wildcard round, but both will host.

Key draft order games this week:

Team to the left is whose win would help Raiders draft position

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys