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Report: Mike Mayock hired as Oakland Raiders new General Manager

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NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

That was quick. Mike Mayock was in Kansas City yesterday to fulfill duties for his NFL Network gig and took advantaged of the locale to interview for the vacant GM position as well. Now according to Adam Schefter, Mayock went from being interviewed for the job to being hired.

Considering that the Raiders had already dipped into the television analyst market for head coach Jon Gruden, doing so again for his general manager is just a tad ironic. However, unlike Gruden who came with a Super Bowl winning coaching history, Mike Mayock steps in with zero experience as an NFL GM.

What Mayock does have experience with though is being THE draft guy for NFL Network, working tirelessly each year sifting through the players entering the draft and trying to figure out where they fit. That’s a huge part of the job he will be taking over as the Raiders have numerous holes and ample draft capital to fill them with.

Another reason why this move could make sense for the Oakland Raiders is that they needed a new GM who would be comfortable taking a back seat power wise to Gruden. With the 10 year, $100M contract that Jon Gruden signed last year came complete control of the team, and any GM that comes in has to do so with the understanding that they are the right hand and not the head of the team.

The move is supposed to be confirmed by the team later on today, though these types of reports tend to be true. Get ready for the lambasting that comes with the irony of adding another TV personality to a huge position for the Raiders, because the jokes will be coming fast and furious afterwards.

At least if they were going to dip their toe back into the TV analyst pool, they reeled in a guy that has been very well respected at his analysis. Mayock has always been a no nonsense, say it how it is guy who now will have the chance to see how well his mock drafting skills translate to the real NFL draft.