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Raiders are pretty much a lock for HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2019 right?

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Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The rules for teams who have to be available for HBO’s Hard Knocks are a returning head coach for a team that hasn’t been on the show the past ten years. Check and check for the Raiders. It puts them among five NFL teams — Raiders, 49ers, Giants, Lions, and Washington.

Other teams can be offered, but have the option to decline. The Raiders cannot. And is there anyone on that list who is more intriguing than the Raiders right now? Not even close.

Think about it; Raiders have a celebrity head coach in Jon Gruden who was on TV for ESPN for nine years and spokesperson for several brands including Corona. He embraces the cameras and the spotlight that comes with it and the cameras embrace him.

With the expected hiring of Mike Mayock as General Manager and you have two TV personalities as the face of the organization.

The two of them will have a $78 million surplus in cap spending available and three first round picks.

Add the drama over where the team will play next season and moving to Vegas afterward and you have the makings of the most interesting Hard Knocks ever. You think if HBO gets the Raiders as an option now they would pass that up? I don’t.


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