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Raiders week 13 Ballers & Busters vs Chiefs: Part two

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Those who made what was a competitive game into another loss.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Nick Nelson

This was what we call a ‘Welcome to the NFL’ type game for Nelson. He was absolutely scorched in this game by pretty much every receiving weapon the Chiefs have.

The first play of the game, the Mahomes threw for tight end Travis Kelce with Nelson on him and he gave up the catch. Kelce take it for 24 yards and would end up fumbling it. Credit where it’s due to Nelson for being the one to jump on the ball. That was his one highlight.

The next possession, Nelson was flagged for pass interference to give the Chiefs first and goal at the 6-yard-line. They would score two plays later.

In the second quarter, he gave up a 16-yard catch on 3rd and 15 that put the Chiefs in Oakland territory and they would convert on a field goal a few plays later. Then just before the half, he gave up a 25-yard catch helping the Chiefs to score a touchdown for a 19-7 score at the half.

Approaching the end of the third quarter, the Chiefs held a 26-16 lead. They lined up in third and 10 and Nelson was to be sent on a blitz. But he jumped offsides, which meant a free play for Pat Mahomes. He completed a 28-yard pass with that free play. The play after that, he threw his third touchdown pass of the day.

Mahomes would have four touchdown passes in the game. His last one came on third and tow and if you said Nick Nelson gave it up, you’d be correct. He also gave up an 18-yard catch on that drive. Brutal game for the rookie.

Brandon Parker, Kelechi Osemele

Speaking of brutal games for rookies…well, they won’t get more brutal for Brandon Parker than last week in Baltimore. But things didn’t go well for him this week either. Nor for the former All Pro on the line.

Osemele gave up a run stuff on the first play for the Raiders offense. Two possessions later, he and Parker both gave up a sack on Carr to end a drive that moved into KC territory. Osemele helped end the next series when he gave up a run stuff for a loss on DeAndre Washington and he fumbled it away. The Raiders would score on their next drive, but not before Osmele once again got tossed aside to give up a run stuff for no gain along the way.

With under a minute remaining and the Raiders behind 40-30, Carr got some pressure from Chris Jones rushing Parker’s side, so he tried stepping in to the pocket. Unfortunately Osemele was being driven back into him, causing the pocket to collapse and then Jones sacked him.

Doug Martin, Jalen Richard, DeAndre Washington

It’s a real shame. Richard and Martin had some good running in this game. Richard especially, who had 95 yards on six carries. But Martin too, who picked up several third downs and had 61 yards on 18 carries. But all three of them fumbled in the game and one could argue that those fumbles were the difference.

Martin fumbled first. It was on the team’s second possession following a 24-yard catch by Jordy Nelson to get them going. The Chiefs would score a field goal off the turnover.

Washington was next, fumbling early in the second quarter with the Raiders down 10-0. Once again, the Chiefs would take advantage and add a field goal off the turnover.

I guess as a show of solidarity, Richard had his turn coughing it up. Late in the third quarter, with the Raiders down 26-16, the defense made the stop and on the first play, Richard gave it right back. He made a nice run that went for 17 yards only to make it all for naught by putting it on the ground. This time the Chiefs would score a touchdown off the turnover. That’s three turnovers which were missed opportunities for the Raiders, and scores for the Chiefs. They couldn’t recover.

Reggie Nelson

On third and four early in the second quarter, he gave up a 13-yard catch. The drive still alive, the Chiefs drove for a field goal to take a 13-0 lead. The next drive, he was late to help to give up a 25-yard catch. The chiefs would drive for a touchdown. Then late in the third quarter, on third and 10, he gave up a 28-yard catch. They scored a touchdown on the next play to take a 33-16 lead.

Johnny Townsend

First punt of the day and he shanks it 22 yards. This is getting tiresome.

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