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Raiders-Steelers prop bets: Who will score first? Will the defense or special teams score a TD? and more

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Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Pro bets are fun. There are a few fun ones for the Raiders game against the Steelers Sunday. Here are a few courtesy of Topbet:

Which team will score first?

Favorite: Steelers (-180)

1st OFFICIAL Play From Line of Scrimmage Will Be...

Favorite: Run play (-200)

Pass play or sack (+160)

Will BOTH Teams Make a Field Goal From 37 Yards or Longer?

Favorite: No (-155)

SHORTEST Touchdown Play of the Game

Over/under 1.5 yards (-115)

Will a Touchdown Be Scored By Special Teams or Defense?

Favorite: No (-240)

Will a Point Be Scored in the 1st 6 Minutes of the Game?

Favorite: Yes (-120)

What Will Happen 1st?: TD vs FG

Favorite: Touchdown (-180)

Will a Point Be Scored in the Last 2 minutes of the 1st Half?

Favorite: Yes (-330)

Team To Commit 1st ACCEPTED Penalty

Favorite: Steelers (-120)

See the current lines on these prop bets here.