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Did Ed Oliver just ensure he won’t be drafted by the Raiders?

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Among the top draft prospects out there is Houston defensive lineman, Ed Oliver. The Raiders need help on the defensive line and Oliver figures to go very high in the 2019 draft. Though he may have done something today to ensure the Raiders aren’t the team that selects him.

Oliver signed with agent Joel Segal. This according to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller.

Why does this matter? Well, because rumor has it the Raiders were not happy with Segal for refusing their contract offers, which they considered to be fair. Mack eventually got market value of $23.5 million after Aaron Donald re-signed with the Rams for $22.5 million.

This led to Segal asking to have his other Raiders client, Amari Cooper, traded as well. The Raiders obliged presumably for fear Segal would ask for top dollar for Cooper next offseason too. You know, like agents do.

Some believe Davis won’t deal with Segal clients anymore, which would be an interesting decision to make considering clearly Segal attracts high level talent and not dealing with his clients would close the Raiders off from them. By the same token, clients have to take into consideration that if they sign with Segal, they are cutting themselves out of the running for at least one team.

Not to say the Raiders would be interested in Oliver anyway. They spent two draft picks on interior pass rushers like Oliver last season and are rather happy with them.