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Derek Carr finds Seth Roberts for Raiders week 14 turning point play of the game

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

In a week 14 thriller in Oakland, the Raiders got their third win of the season over the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game that was full of big time plays — none more timely than the 39-yard pass and catch from Derek Carr to Seth Roberts to set up the go-ahead touchdown pass four plays later to Derek Carrier.

With 1:52 remaining, the Raiders had the ball on the Steelers 46 yard line. The Raiders trailed 21-17, a field goal was not an option, the Raiders needed a touchdown. Carr took the shotgun snap and dropped back to pass. After a three step drop Carr pump faked to his right and then threw back deep to the middle.

The ball came out a bit wobbly but was placed in the absolute perfect spot where only Seth Roberts could get to it. It was one of the better throws of Carr’s career.

After the game, Carr described how it went down.

“I told Seth, I think it was during the TV timeout or two-minute warning if I’m not mistaken. And I told him, ‘Seth if we get two high I know what you got, but just take the middle. And I’m going to try and pump it one way and I’m going to throw you the ball if it’s two high,” Carr said.

Over the years Seth Roberts has had a knack for making big plays when the team needed it, today was just another example of that.

“I threw it. I honestly thought I overthrew him by about 12 yards and he hit another gear and went and got that ball,” Carr continued.

The throw was a dime and the Raiders would go on to their third win of the season 24-21.

“I thought it had to be the play of the game by Seth. That catch in that coverage, it was really impressive.”