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Raiders 2018 free agent wish list: Wide receivers

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Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

It’s become apparent the Raiders need another weapon in the wide receiver corps. With the distinct possibility that the team could be moving on from Michael Crabtree, that need increases considerably. Here’s the market they’re looking at.

Jarvis Landry

He’s pretty much it. The jewel of this free agent class. Which also means he will have many suitors and is probably getting a sizable payday. The 25-year-old has averaged 100 catches and over 1000 yards in four NFL seasons. And last year he put up career highs in catches (112) and touchdowns (9). Taken later in the same round as Derek Carr in the 2014 draft, the two have both made the Pro Bowl in each of the past three seasons. This past Pro Bowl, they showed a great deal of chemistry, potentially giving the Raiders a leg up in any race to sign Landry should all things be equal.

Potential cuts

Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)

No matter what happens this offseason, Thomas is going to be alright. He will either get $12 million from the Broncos (unlikely) or get $4.4 million from the Broncos on top of a nice paycheck from another team. Especially if the Broncos hope to add Kirk Cousins in free agency, they will need cap room. The 30-year-old Thomas, whose numbers across the board have gone down each of the past three seasons, would seem to be one place they would look.

Jordy Nelson (Packers)

At 32 years old, it’s hard to say how much Nelson has left in the tank. You can’t really base it on his numbers from last season due to Aaron Rodgers having missed most of the season. In Nelson’s previous four full seasons, he never dipped below 1250 yards, averaging 1338 yards per season. If the ball is anywhere near him, he’s coming down with it. His dependability is just what the Raiders need.

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Shooting stars

Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins – Both are expected to get the franchise tag by their respected teams should they not get locked into a long term deal. Otherwise they would top this list.