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NFL Network to replay Raiders thrilling week 7 win over Chiefs Tuesday as one of Top 10 games of 2017

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Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

For Raiders fans, there is no question which game last season was the best for the Raiders. It was their Thursday Night come-from-behind win over the Chiefs in week seven. As it turns out, that game was not just the best Raiders game, it was one of the best in the NFL last season.

NFL Network has put the game as their 8th best game of the season. And for good reason. As such they are replaying at 10am Pacific time (1pm ET) as part of their Top 10 best games of 2017 countdown.

This game had everything.

To set the scene, the two teams were on two opposite sides of the spectrum coming in. The Chiefs were sitting at 5-1 while the Raiders were 2-4, having lost four straight. It had all the makings of a massacre, especially when you figure the Chiefs had swept the Raiders last season.

Derek Carr was playing some of the worst football he’s ever played for the Raiders during that 4-game losing streak, which included missing a game and a half with a fracture in his back. Meanwhile his top receiver Amari Cooper was leading the league by a wide margin with 10 drops.

It was also NaVorro Bowman’s first start as a Raider after having been signed just five days earlier.

When the game began, Marshawn Lynch had two carries before getting ejected for making contact with an official while trying to break up a fight between the Raiders offensive linemen and his good friend, Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters.

In the end, Amari Cooper had a career game, Derek Carr showed the kind of clutch heroics he hadn’t shown since the 2016 season, and the Raiders came back to win it by one point.

Even to say it was a last second victory isn’t accurate. Because the last two plays were ran with no time on the clock due to Chiefs penalties.

Everything about this game is why we watch sports. Just an absolutely bananas game.

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