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Dolphins franchise tag Jarvis Landry, dashing hopes he could join Derek Carr in Oakland

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, nuts. The wide receivers expected to hit free agency was already slim to none. Now the Dolphins have officially slapped the franchise tag on wide receiver, Jarvis Landry.

This removes potentially the top wide receiver target on the Raiders free agent wishlist.

Other top receivers whose contracts are up this offseason are Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins. Both have been expected to also have the franchise tag used on them.

With Landry not expected to hit the market, should either Robinson or Watkins not get tagged or accept a long term deal with the Jaguars and Rams respectively, they would instantly be a hot commodity as easily the top receiver available and either would be also be a great addition to the Raiders’ receiving corps.

Landry and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had shown great chemistry at the Pro Bowl skills contest last month which raised some eyebrows about the two potentially looking to be be teammates. Those hopes are now dashed.