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Still banished Raiders LB Aldon Smith has fallen way behind in child support payments

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Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s been a long time now since Aldon Smith set foot on an NFL football field. His last game was November 15, 2015. That’s more than 26 months. In that time, he has been banished from the NFL and therefore not receiving a paycheck. But his child support payments were still due and he’s fallen way behind on those payments according to a report by TMZ.

The payments he is to make are $9007 per month which is a lot of money to most people. It wasn’t too much when Smith was still receiving an NFL paycheck. He was playing on a $3 million deal with the Raiders which means his monthly income was $250K.

Without that money coming in, he has fallen behind nearly $79,000 which is the equivalent of at least 8 months. Recently he asked a court if he could be cut a break.

“I have had no income since November 2015,” Smith states in court docs obtained by TMZ Sports ... “I have done my best to stay current, but without an income I have fallen behind.”

Whether Smith could afford it and is just making excuses is up to the judge to decide. But from the looks of things, if Smith doesn’t get reinstated soon, that number will reach six digits. Then he could be in even more trouble.

More trouble is something Smith definitely can not afford. Especially since he’s already numerous times sabotaged his chances for reinstatement, including being detained by San Francisco police as a passenger in a car that hit a police cruiser. He spoke to cameras outside the station and was still clearly severely intoxicated. Considering it was alcohol problems that got him banned in the first place, it was not a good look.

One would think if the now 28-year-old Smith is being considered for reinstatement, the start of the new league year March 14 would be when the commissioner might consider it. That’s three weeks away.

The 2-year, $11.5 million deal Smith signed prior to the 2016 season has tolled which means if/when he is reinstated that 2-year deal will begin.