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Look: Cool official coin Rod Woodson will flip to decide Raiders/49ers draft order

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This Friday at 12:30pm (9:30am PT) the league will finally do the coin flip which will decide where the Raiders and 49ers will select in the draft due to the two teams finishing with identical 6-10 records and strength of schedule. Former Raiders safety and Assistant Rod Woodson will be performing the flip and he will be usually a pretty cool looking coin to do it.

The coin (seen above) has the 49ers logo on one side and the Raiders on the other, making it pretty clear when it lands who won the toss and who did not.

Whichever team wins the toss will get the 9th overall pick in the draft while the loser will get the 10th pick. They will then alternate throughout the remainder of the draft with the loser receiving the higher pick in the 2nd round, lower pick in the 3rd, higher pick in the 4th, and so on. See the Raiders potential draft order as we know it now.

The coin itself would make for a pretty nice little one-of-a-kind souvenir.