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Rob Riggle roasts Raiders owner Mark Davis (who takes it well) and his ‘Super Bowl’ cut hair at NFL Honors

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2016 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

This year’s NFL Honors are being hosted by comedian Rob Riggle — a well known Chiefs fan. And he got in a pretty great dig on Raiders owner Mark Davis, picking the low hanging fruit that is his hairdo.

“Look, there he is. Raiders owner Mark Davis is here,” said Riggle, leading applause for Davis prompting Davis to applaud...himself, I guess. “Now THAT is a Super Bowl,” he said referring, of course, to Davis’s infamous bowl cut hair.

Davis smiled big, running his finger across his forehead to play along. Riggle continued.

“Come on! The man can afford a $100 million for Gruden, but nothing for a barber. Or a mirror, apparently.”

Davis continued to grin throughout the roasting, laughing along with everyone else. And a good time was had by all.

For those on the West Coast, you’ll get a chance to (finally!) see the whole show (if you care to after knowing who all the winners are) coming up at 9pm Pacific Time. If you somehow managed (or cared to) keep away from all the results being posted all over social media, maybe you’ll have some suspense left.