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Super Bowl LII final score: Tuck Rule couldn’t save Patriots this time as Eagles win 41-33

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NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It’s over. And the Eagles took down the Patriots. Even with 21 drives and just one punt in the game, the play of the game came on defense. The first sack of the game, was a strip sack by Brandon Graham with the Patriots down five and 2:16 left on the clock.

Here’s that strip sack in real speed and then in slow motion replay:

That strip sack had echoes of the Tuck Rule Snow Job that began the Patriots dynasty. And this strip sack may have ended the Patriots dynasty.

Even with the Eagles starting a backup quarterback, the Patriots still lost. Even with Tom Brady throwing for a Super Bowl record 505 yards, the Patriots still lost. Even with Brady having what would usually be plenty of time at the end to make a game winning drive, the Patriots still lost.

That backup quarterback was Nick Foles, who had a hell of a game in his own right. Foles threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns and even caught a touchdown pass. He was named the Super Bowl MVP.

From this Raiders writer, and indeed most of this country and the world; Fly, Eagles, Fly.