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Super Bowl LII commercial: Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth 'Dundee' across Australia

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Remember Crocodile Dundee, mate? Well, in the classic 80's films, he goes to New York, but the story ends there. Well, as it turns out he has a son. His name is Brian (played by Danny McBride) who goes back to Australia where he meets up with Chris Hemsworth and they go on adventures across Australia. Gorgeous, breathtaking Australia.

The ad is from the Australia tourism. It was a full on campaign that had everyone thinking there was a star-studded Crocodile Dundee reboot coming and this was the big reveal that it was just for Australia tourism. Here is the original full length trailer which has what would make for a fantastic cast of Australian actors if they ever actually decided to make the film.

This one came in at number 4 behind Alexa Loses he Voice.

Number 5: Avocados From Mexico seals the good in.

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